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Create a corporate Brand Logo and Identity for AC Solutions, one of LG India's top 50 dealers specializing in commercial air conditioning solutions for industries, retail spaces and corporates since the last decade.

You just can't work when the weather is slow frying your brain and the cooling is on holiday, now can you?




The client had evolved in every aspect from the earlier brand logo design which was created at the time of inception and wanted the new logo to reflect cooling, expansion and solutions.

I mean, the earlier logo was a window air conditioner unit. I know. I designed it.

Branding Project Details

We approached the new brand identity by looking at the target audience who were key decision makers in industries and corporations. We decided to go for a minimalist design with a corporate color pallete of cooling blue, grey and meaningfully use the same within the new identity design.

AC Solutions provides professional, innovative, cooling solutions to large scale corporate / industrial spaces while resolving existing air system issues. Since the brand name in itself was AC Solutions, we came up with the idea of focusing on air, it's motion and coolness.

Pun intended.

This allowed us to incorporate future expansions of the brand into multiple air conditioning segments by having the brand logo reflect it than restrict it as the earlier one did.

We created three air waves that flowed one below the other giving it a visual downward motion as cool air is heavier than warmer air. Three colors were chosen to represent temperature and air quality.

Grey for warm air, greyish blue to depict change in temperature and cool blue to depict clear and cool air. We aligned them over the sans serif typeface to settle just above 'solutions'.

The typeface used 2 fonts of bold for 'ac' and light for 'solutions' and we colored them grey and cool blue respectively. This further enabled us to visually connect the logotype with the logomark by highlighting the words for what they respresent and unify them as a whole.

Simply put, when warm air comes in contact with ac solutions, it cools down. When an air conditioning system has issues, ac solutions resolves it.


To further simplify and amplify the message, we coined the tagline – Reliable cooling for your comfort. In a highly disorganized sector, it focused on the firms reputation for being reliable and consistent solution providers.

Now you got to admit, that's just cool dope.

Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details