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Design a brand logo for a firm that has diverse interests in the fields of Jewelry and Infrastructure in India. The client required Gloriana to be the singular name of the brand with jewelry and infrastructure written below it.

O Good Glory!




We delved into understanding the name in itself and how it connected with the diverse segments of jewelry and infrastructure.

Gloriana comes from the latin name, Gloria meaning 'Glory'. Glory has multiple meanings thereby opening up various opportunities for us to connect the brand - something marked by beauty or resplendance; something that secures praise or renown.

Sounds perfect for a brand that is designing or building something of value like jewelry or infra, right? Something that could be iconic as signages on buildings developed by the firm and simultaneously incorporated within the design of precious jewelry.

Now how do we show that symbollically?

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We researched into finding a common ground between both segments that would unify them as a whole. We found it. Geometry and construction.

The core aspect of Jewelry is not just beautiful, exquisite stones set in unique designs but the role of geometry in creating symmetry via uniformity in cuts and shapes. Renowned architects and engineers use similar knowledge of geometric shapes and structures on a larger scale to build buildings that are sturdy and iconic.

We now had a base and delved further into how to best represent it with the name. We kept coming back to the legendary creature, the Phoenix. In mythology, a phoenix is a powerful and glorious bird that cyclically regenerates itself or is otherwise born again. In other words, immortal.

A brand that evolves with time, always rises from challenges and becomes iconic.

What other sight can be so glorious?

Using the geometrical structure as our blueprint, we created a symmetrical drawing of a regal Phoenix rising in its glory. The flow of lines allowed for a diamond heart to emerge at its center. Dealing in precious stones and representing the colorful Indian culture, we opted for an infusion of passionate colors like amber orange and deep  magenta.

We chose hues of amber orange for the top half of the brand logo to symbolise the creativity, joy and success or the rich, jewelry side of the brand. Infrastructure was represented by hues of deep magenta at its feet depicting balance and stability.

The Phoenix could be beautifully represented as a jewelry pendant, brooch or rings while the geometrical composition of the brand logomark symbolised quality construction. We further created a sub logomark that used the gemotrical lines minus the colors to be used as a designer watermark across various collaterals.

The brand stationary design carried the theme forward using the 2 color palletes in the typefaces to differentiate the segments. We designed a vertical business card instead of the usual landscape style to visually showcase the flight of the rising phoenix.

All hail the Glorious Phoenix!

Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details