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It started with a website requirement first for Shailendar Chhugani, a fashion designer based in India. His studio specialises in middle eastern fashion wear for women also known as jalabiyas and kaftans.

With over 25 years of experience in the field and supplier to some of the top boutiques in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries, he is known for his intricate embroideries, rich textures, high quality finishes and unique designs. Having perfected a 13 step process to creating his garments and an existing network of clientele, he never felt the need to develop an online presence. He was also operating under a different business name.

Due to changing times and plans for expansion and future retail, we recommended him to launch his digital website presence with his personal name as the brand name, as he was known by it in his industry. This would build brand credibility, ease of recall and allow for future expansion plans and collaborations.

Needless to say, he agreed.

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We researched his market audience, clientele and reviewed other designers / brands in the same field to get a pulse of the middle eastern market as this was a different fashion segment.

Not to say that designing western fashion brands is easy. Well, maybe some are.

Next, we looked through middle eastern references and design styles for creative direction. With the main themes being ornate emboridery, rich color tones, calligraphy styles and the importance of the moon, we had symbiotic elements that we could combine visually to create our brand.

We chose to highlight the first letters of both words in his name, 'S' and 'C' as is done with a majority of fashion designer brands. Choosing a calligraphy style as our base, we designed the letters to be distinct and ornate.

'S' is larger to symbolise Shailendar, his first name. It denotes his individuality and strength - represented by the bold font style. 'C' is encapsultated within the 'S' at its center to further represent the core of the brand, Chhugani - the family name or heritage – highly respected in middle eastern culture. The 'C' is also designed to symbolise the cresent moon; often represented for womanhood.

That's just some rich dope, ain't it.

We recommended the use of gold in the logomark and ornate serif logotype while black was selected as its base color. The secondary color pallete options were deep maroon, rich green and ornate blue that were similiar to the fabrics on which his emborideries were created.

The ornate design theme was replicated across the rest of the fashion brand identity namely, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, garment tags, boutique bags and signages.

After 25 years, his brand finally had a face he could be proud of and expand to a new set of clients globally.

Middle eastern dope is unique. Oh yeah.



You can view the Website case here.

Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details