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The Pied Piper

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Keep Leading or Keep Playing.

Why not both?

While conceptualising and drawing out various iterations of The Pied Piper for the brand logo, I thought – 'This character is playful. He's defintely not just walking. Definitely, not boring. I mean, it's Pied Piper!'

The client agreed too since he chose the name and wanted it to be a designer fashion brand that he would be proud to wear himself. He is an Entrepreneur and Founder/Director of one of the top Architectural Design firms in India while his wife owns a well known art, fashion and décor lifestyle store.

Yup. Boring isn't their forte.

This menswear fashion brand logo needed to have a personality. Be bold yet playful, understated and take pride of place when printed/embroidered on either garments or accessories.

Branding Project Details


Taking visual cue and inspiration from the famous iconography of the Johnny Walker logo, the idea was to create a playful character symbolising the time told story of the Pied Piper. He was a rebel following his own heart. A perfect combination for today's stylish man.

We used the first letter of each word as a framework upon which the brand logo was illustrated. The final logomark is dynamic where it can be customised as a whole or only till the cape depending on usage.

We needed a typeface that was stylish, compliment the logomark and yet have a distinct personality.

The italics was perfect for it. Leading people with his charm and his music as he guided them to a new destiny. Now that's my positive take on the ending of that fabled story. Cut to our modern day man, he believes in himself and energises people with his persona that they choose to follow him.

Playing or Leading, Mr. Piper forges ahead, creating his own path with a hint of mischief and fun.

Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details