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Create a distinct Brand Logo & Identity design for VisionKraft, one of India's leading corporate film production studios.

The studio wanted to re-brand their existing black and white identity to better represent the name, open up business opportunities, facilitate expansions and the recruitment of new talent. They wanted to highlight the letter, 'K' in Kraft so as to distinguish it from the expected spelling of Craft.




VisionKraft is a well known name in the corporate world, having produced a number of films for some of the top names in various industries since the past 18 years. With high production value and technical skills, the founder started out with a strong vision to make it the number one production studio in India.

After a number of iterations we decided to keep the letter, 'K' as the main focal point of the brand logo. This would help to instill brand recall with the letter and differentiate it from craft as the client requested.

This further enhanced the visual perspective as the top portion of 'K' resembled, 'V' for Vision. When one thinks of Vision – we think future, growth, moving forward, excitement. When one thinks of Kraft – we think creativity, art, using our hands.

Now some of you are thinking, um...isn't Kraft a paper brown bag?

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We know how you feel as we felt the same way, but surprisingly we found out that when you say kraft, the majority don't think of a paper brown bag but art related craft. So we took creative liberty here and opted to go with the latter. In this case, we use media – but the idea starts within our minds (vision) and is implemented by the use of our hands (kraft).

Building upon this idea, we looked into the japanese art of orgiami and hit upon our creative direction.

Why Origami? Im not sure what triggers a creative moment where it all just comes together but it does. It's instinctive.

Origami as an art form requires ingenuity, creative and technical skill and above all a vision of the end result. Similar to how VisionKraft functions on a daily basis while developing any project.

The final brand logo is a form of paper origami that creates the letters 'V' and 'K', showing the unison of both vision and work - together. We lifted the 'V' from 'K' to give it a rising slant to symbolise forward thinking.

You can't see your path lying on the ground. You've got to rise up and see it from high above. That's Vision. Amen!

Belonging to the creative field, we used an explosion of gradient colors ranging from purple to yellow to signify energy, creativity, practicality, optimism and a call for action.

These can be further simplified into 4 colors to represent each vertical in VisionKraft i.e Films, Photography, Digital and Exhibitions.

Now that's vision, I tell you.

We carried this theme forward into respective stationary designs by visually infusing the brand with color and energy. Each business card carried forward it's signature family of colors to showcase an instant differentiation in media verticals while maintaining overall brand recognition and identity.

The perfect combination for a visionary, creative company.

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Branding Project Details
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Branding Project Details