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Design a Brand Logomark for VÔTRE SKINCARE, a homegrown brand of skincare in India from Trumount Cosmoceuticals. After years of selling directly to spa owners and clients, they wanted to add a distinctive mark to the brand before entering the retail market and opening up franchise opportunities.

Since we loved the design of the Brand Logotype and Packaging Design** created by another agency, it was exciting to see how we could enhance this brand's value.

Yup, we love ourselves good dope made by other rollers too.

Branding Project Details


We delved into researching the ideology behind this skincare brand. The creation of ‘VÔTRE’ began years ago with a passion to bring uncommon luxury and niche products of highest quality. Offering 100% botanical, vegan, cruelty free and paraben free products.

Researched and developed in association with specialised laboratories in France and Tokyo, VÔTRE has always harnessed rare and effective ingredients, with cutting edge Bio- Technology, patented molecules and the finest in Botanical Extracts and Blends.

My skin just perked up.

We chose to look into the botanical world for inspiration and came upon the Lotus flower.

This stunning flower is regarded in many different cultures as a symbol of purity, self-regeneration and rebirth. It's characteristics are a perfect analogy for the ideology behind VÔTRE's range of skincare.

Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.

Did not know that.

We created various iterations of the lotus flower in line drawing form to compliment the existing brand logotype. Using the 'V' as a central guideline, we drew out the lotus petals balancing it on each side. And enclosed within a circle, we drew a pathway symbolically leading one to the 'V' in the center of the lotus highlighting the brands belief in providing quality care for every skin type. In essence, no matter how damaged your skin may be, VÔTRE Skincare can help repair and rejuvenate it.

...and the princess lived happily ever after...having saved her skin.

VÔTRE launched their new brand logo digitaly with their brand new responsive website online. While the website was under development, the marketing team at VÔTRE's clinched two deals that would retail their skincare lines in India at Sephora, an international, multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores and Nykaa, one of India's top multi-brand beauty retailer selling cosmetic and wellness products online.

And now they had a new brand identity to safely launch themselves into the retail market.

Talk about opportune timing, right?



**The packaging design displayed above is our own packaging concept showcasing the use of the newly created Logomark and not the actual packaging.

You can view the Website case here.

Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details
Branding Project Details