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To conceptualise and design the cover for yet-to-be-released fiction novel by well known Indian author and script writer, Girish Kohli.

In his words, 'Unconventional, uncensored, radical, unique character introduction style, definitely experimental and yet to the point, I don't write unnecessary stuff because I believe that the best stories are said in the least number of words.'

Graphic Design Project Details


Since I had to design the cover, understanding the story was paramount. The author gave me a gist of the storyline and characters. He also sent me the manuscript.

I read it. Im a book lover, ofcourse.

The best part of reading a great novel is that the characters come alive in your head. Watching a movie based from a book can be boring but watching one created in your head – enthralling. This one was simply brilliant.

You will need to wait for it come out to know the story.

I conceptualised and created multiple options based on my reading of the story, it's characters and moods. Book Cover designs are a fine line in creativity and one that is still an ongoing process. One needs to think of how best to create an exciting cover that stands out on a book shelf enough to entice a new reader yet maintain the sanctity of the author's vision.

The three concepts displayed here showcased different styles of graphic, minimal and artsy.

Unfortunately as I said, it's an ongoing learning process and these designs remained concepts as it wasn't in line with the author's vision for his story. In his words, 'The thought of the book should be on the cover and not it's content.'

Don't cry for me Argentina.

So why do I place them here? Because I love them as one would love their own creations. Not every design gets selected by the client too.

However, any art that is created, is meant to be released for the world to experience. It may inspire, it may not. It may evoke a reaction or then again it may not. But it's my record of a creative time gone by.

I should be a writer.

Graphic Design Project Details
Graphic Design Project Details
Graphic Design Project Details