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Delhi Public School

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Conceptualise and design a prospectus for young kids interested in enrolling into one of the top schools in India, Delhi Public School. It had to stand out from the multitudes of standard prospectus that were available in the market.

It needed to be exciting enough for parents and kids to WANT to look through the information and send in their applications.

Now, this was designed in 2005. Why show it? Coz we believe its still relevant. and yes, we love the little bright illustrations.

Graphic Design Project Details


Think like a kid.

We needed to approach this differently to be able to excite young kids to pick up a prospectus.

After shooting down a few ideas, we settled on the concept of showcasing various aspects of the school via illustrations that were simplistic and conveyed a sense of fun and happiness.

We drew out simple figures in white to represent the innocence and purity of a child and colored their surroundings with fun and bright colors to highlight their environment – Delhi Public School.

In certain spaces we integrated few images of actual happy students who were photographed in the school itself. This lent an air of comfort and credibility to first time parents who were viewing the prospectus for the first time.

The concept of the prospectus was a huge surprise for the client as they had never done anything so drastically different from the usual norm before. It turned out to be a happy success story for the client and a fun experience for the parents and kids.

Now years later, I feel we could taken this concept a notch higher by designing a part of the prospectus as a coloring book. Oh well. Next time.

Graphic Design Project Details
Graphic Design Project Details