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Design and Develop complete Brand Identity design that includes a Corporate Profile Brochure for Sharada Alliance, one of the top real estate developers in India. The client was content with the existing Brand Logomark that was designed a decade ago but wanted to revamp the entire identity and standardise it both online and offline.

We connected with the existing brand logo and could develop the brand story around it. Afterall, the brand logo is the heart of your identity.

Deep, I know.

Graphic Design Project Details


We researched the idea behind the earlier design and was informed that the Sharada Alliance brand logo had evolved from the auspicious symbol used in ancient India – the ‘Swastika and the number 8.

Numerology, perhaps?

We spent time with second generation entrepreneur, Sagar Yadav who's brainchild it was to revamp the entire brand and build a new identity that also included redesigning new office spaces.

We highlighted 8 core values that the firm stands for and created the brand identity around it.

Our content writer developed new content based on our interactions with the client, research into the existing market, target consumers, national and international competitors.

We custom designed a watermark motif using the brand logo that resembled latticework and used it as subtle texture design for multiple backgrounds of color thereby building subtle brand recall value.

The square shape that made up the brand logo was used as abstract design elements across the brochure. We used the primary brand colors of Green and Blue as a graident theme while a secondary color pallete freed us up to select suitable visuals that supported the vision of the brand.

The client had a soft corner for positive, uplifting quotes by well known leaders and authors which we integrated within our story for the brand.

Who doesn't get inspired by quotes?

The complete branding exercise helped to not just revamp the brands identity for the client professionaly but also refined customer perceptions, opened up investment opportunities and business collaborations.

That's branding dope, right there.

Graphic Design Project Details
Graphic Design Project Details
Graphic Design Project Details