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Pratyul Joshi

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Design a visually appealing presentation for an upcoming Indian musician, Pratyul Joshi that showcases his passion for music and isn't your standard PPT presentation design.

The client, Timbre Entertainment who manages various musical artists in India, approached us to create a visual language for the artist that could be used across various platforms for ease of recall.

Music and Art. Creative dope of our forefathers / foremothers, I tell you.

Web Design Project Details


Creating a visual language for musical artist means tuning into his genre of music and understanding his passion as a lyricist and composer.

What makes him create dope?

Life experiences and emotions. They come from within, viewed through the filter of his mind and composed in the deep recesses of his heart.

I feel a song coming.

We chose to place him as our main visual element in all artworks. Being a newcomer looking to make his break into the indian music industry, this was a no brainer decision. However, we approached the rest of the visual elements from a different angle. We designed every element that needed to be showcased – either images from a song or concert performance – to be placed within him in collage form – a smorgasboard of visual emotions.

This design style led us to use select photographs of importance that drove the story within the song thereby bringing out his personality. It also bought about a sense of design flexibility of being able to use existing photographs to create artworks for present or future use.

We interspersed each page with relevant information, links to YouTube videos and means of getting in touch.

Today with the expertise of Timbre Entertainment, their debut music video has been launched by T-Series and is gaining huge buzz on all social platforms heralding the break of a new star.

We need a music video for dope. What say?

Web Design Project Details
Web Design Project Details