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Design a visually distinct presentation for India's first and top Zumba education specialist, Sucheta Pal. An energetic trail blazer with a story of grit, courage and passion for her life, she has used Zumba as a platform to energise everyone who is looking to get fit, have fun and love their life.

The client, Timbre Entertainment who manages various artists in India, approached us to create a visual language for Sucheta that could be used to enhance her brand.

Dance is a creative design form. Some would say it's like being on Dope.




We met up Sucheta to understand the personality behind the ambition. After training and teaching in the United States, Sucheta Pal returned to India in 2012 and is now a Zumba® International presenter & speaker for top fitness expos and women conferences across the world. She is also a fitness TV-show host of the acclaimed Zoom TV's Zumba® Dance fitness party and featured in several fitness shows of NDTV, Mtunes and TLC. Her passion and will has inspired an entire nation to courageously pursue alternate careers and follow their dreams to fulfillment .


Web Design Project Details

To create a fresh new start, we chose to conceptualise and shoot fresh photographs that could be used across various promotional platforms starting with her presentation. We commissioned our long time, trusted collaborator, Ritesh of Ritesh Ramaiah Photography, one of India's top fashion and lifestyle photographers for the project.

We delved into the world of Zumba to get a feel on how best to represent Sucheta without making it look like a clichéd fitness image. We decided to use two toned colored lighting across the photographs to infuse it with energy.

Sucheta Pal was a complete gamer and gave us the required shots we needed. Of the many we shot, we developed over 12 images that would help her in enhancing her brand image.

Now how do we create a unique presentation around it?

Sucheta is all about contagious, hands on, passionate energy. This gave us the visual direction we needed. Using the eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop as our main tool, we created illustrations out of the images. These also helped us to create the feel of movement within each slide.

Yup. The eraser tool.

Champion's wings, unique typography styles and bright colors were among the arty elements that we designed to create a truly energetic and visual presentation that revamped the overall brand image for this fitness fiend.

A connoisseur knows - good dope energises. True dat.

Web Design Project Details
Web Design Project Details