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Design and Develop a responsive website for VÔTRE SKINCARE, a homegrown brand of skincare in India from Trumount Cosmoceuticals. After years of selling directly to spa owners and clients, they wanted to revamp their online brand presence as they were entering the retail market and open up franchise opportunities.

Since we loved the design of the Brand Logotype and Packaging Design created by another agency, it was exciting to see how we could enhance this brand's value online.

Yup, we love ourselves good dope made by other rollers too.




In the course of researching details for the brand, we had created a Brand Logo mark for the name along with their promotional brochure early on.

We maintained the color pallete of pure white and rich black, but also introduced a honey brown tone to symbolise human skin. Next, we needed visuals that would showcase the products but also the ingredients used in each of them.

Web Design Project Details

We commissioned our trusted collaborator, Ritesh of Ritesh Ramaiah Photography, one of India's top fashion and lifestyle photographers to create a stunning range of visuals that could be used across the website and promotional materials.

As luck would have it, the client's wife who has an impeccable taste for styling, helped organise and style the various unique elements required to create a beautiful, luxurious set up for Ritesh to create his magic.

Styling is such a crucial element in a shoot.

A user friendly responsive website design that provided ease of access, information about VÔTRE's range of skincare products, highlighted the brands ideology and contact information while maintaining and building a consistent brand identity were key aspects directing the visual design and imagery.

Based on our research, we filtered the product section based on customer skin concerns and skincare categories allowing VÔTRE's customers to easily find products best suited for them.

We created unique, rich background textures using the letter, 'V' that were then replicated in white and black color tones across the website. Apart from the custom photography we also sourced images from other photographers online to enhance our visual storyline.

Imagine a Skincare brand without the right visuals. So important.

While the website was under development, the marketing team at VÔTRE's clinched two deals that would retail their skincare lines in India at Sephora, an international, multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores and Nykaa, one of India's top multi-brand beauty retailer selling cosmetic and wellness products online.

And now they had a new digital brand identity to safely launch themselves into the retail market.

Talk about opportune timing, right?




Web Design Project Details
Web Design Project Details
Web Design Project Details